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How to Stop Foreclosure for over 3 Years Without Making any Mortgage Payments
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How to Avoid Foreclosure Warning! Don't Try to get Help to Avoid Foreclosure Under Obamaís New Plan or any other Foreclosure Assistance Program without Reading this First! This May be Your only Chance to Learn How to Stop Foreclosure by Delaying the foreclosure process and Save Your Home...      

Why My Story Will Shock You...  and How After I Almost Lost My Home I Learned How to Stop Foreclosure and Have Been able to Stay in My House for Over 3 Years Without Making any Mortgage Payments, and Without Paying for any Foreclosure Assistance.gsmile

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qqq Do you know Obama's plan to help families to avoid foreclosure is not helping, and will not help over 90% of homeowners facing foreclosure?

Do you know thereíre ways for you to stay in your home for more than two years, without making any mortgage payments? Well there are!!! Even if you already tried, unsuccessfully, to get help under Obamaís new plan or any other foreclosure assistance program. Keep readingÖ

Yeah, you heard right!  If you know exactly what to do and how to do it, you can find your way around the system to avoid foreclosure for a very long time
and stay in your home without any effort from your part, saving yourself thousands of dollars, or even saving your home if in the near future; letís say in a year, a year and a half or so, your financial situation improves, and you may then qualify for a Foreclosure Assistance Program...

It is all about learning how to avoid foreclosure by delaying the foreclosure process continuously. In fact is very easy to learn how to stop foreclosure on your own once you know how to do it...

So, if you're thinking about letting your house go to foreclosure, because you think you canít afford your regular or even refinanced mortgage payments any longer, because you lost your job, or just donít have a regular income anymore;
Iím extremely relieved that youíve found my site because not only will my story shock you, Itíll certainly save your home from foreclosure, save your family from desperation, save you a lot, and I mean a lot of money, as well as many headaches, and the well being of your family.

Youíll know exactly; when I was about to lose my home to foreclosure almost 3 years ago, and in the worst situation I ever been in my entire life I was able to stay in my home and today, Iím still here, without making any payments at all.

My name is Alfred Sant. Iíve been living in my home without making mortgage payments for almost 3 years, and I plan to stay this way for at least 1 or 2 more years, and Iím sure itís possible. Donít get me wrong, now I can afford to pay my mortgage payments, but Iím so upside down in my loan, that I just wonít do it.

I Have Been There Too.

I know exactly what youíre going through, because Iíve been there too. Iíve felt the stress and disconcerting feeling of being behind in my mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, without knowing what to do.

About 3 years and a half ago, I had a good life, I was married to a beautiful woman, we got a successful business and I was pretty much happy. But slowly things started to change.

  About that time, the economy began to slow down, our car business started to lose money, bills and food started to increased and suddenly we were not able to afford our mortgage payments anymore, we used up every penny we had saved and smashed all of our credit cards.

The business went bankrupt, and just in 3 months of being late we received the noticed of foreclosure. Imagine this: I had not income whatsoever, with the money my wife was making we couldnít even pay the bills and put food on the table.

And listen carefully; when financial situation hits families, marriages do brake down. Yes, on top of everything, my wife decided to leave and take her income somewhere else. I was devastated. She left, and I was suddenly, alone, no income, no money even to put food on my table, and my home was about to go to foreclosure.

My mother help me with some small loans, so at least I could keep electricity, water and put some food in my mouth. And the I did the worst thing I could ever done; I took that money and went in a drinking spread until I got caught, and I was put in jail for DUI.

I was desperate, ashamed, and yes, the idea to take my life crossed my mine a few times. Thatís the Godís honest truth, and now I'm not afraid to say it anymore. If you've never been in that situation, and I hope youíre not, youíll never know.

For my DUI, I was unable to find another job, but something suddenly happens in my life, that woke me up, and I told myself not matter the chaotic of my situation was I wouldnít give up. To make a long story short, I dedicated myself to learn how to avoid foreclosure and to find ways to keep my home from going to foreclosure, because if I'd lose my home I wouldíve had absolutely nowhere to go.

So I devoted myself to fight foreclosure 24/7. I got loans from family members to pay lawyers, I went to seminars, I dealt with all counseling agencies, and for a year or more I was able to succeed in my decision of keeping my home. I stared selling everything I had on e-bay, including furniture, jewels, my tank fish, my refrigerator, etc, etc; I had to put food in my mouth somehow.

And that was when it hit me! I saw homeowners losing their homes just a few months after they stopped making payments and I knew it didnít have to be that way because I had been able to learn how to stop foreclosure for about fifteen months by that time. Thatís when I decided to create an e-book.

See, I discovered that I could fight foreclosure all by myself, without having to pay a penny to anybody, and I could do it legally. So if I did; then anybody could learn HOW TO STOP FORECLOSURE as well...

How I Have Been Able To Help So Many Families

So I thought; If I can put that information in the hands of so many homeowners, I would do two great things at once; I would help so many people to stay in their homes, even families that couldnít afford to make any kind of mortgage payments at all, and at the same time I would make some money to pay my Bills.

That changed my life completely. My book was a total success. I sold hundreds of e-books just in a couple of months, and answer thousands of e-mails from desperate people in need of help. Iíve been able to help hundreds of families to stay in their homes, and believe me; thatís the most rewarding feeling Iíve ever felt in my whole life.

That lead me to other ways to make money in the internet, and now I make a full time living just using my computer (my pc was the only thing I didnít sell). Now Iím making more money that Iíve ever made in my entire life. I canít stop wondering why there isnít many more people making money online.

But this is my point; if I did it, after all I went trough, anybody can do it. It doesnít matter what your current situation is, how bad are you hurting right now, thereís hope, donít give up, just stand up and fight, because take it from me, if you decide you can do it, and take action, youíll end up doing it.

You Still Can learn HOW TO AVOID FORECLOSURE  and Keep Your Home Even If:

rie You already have the foreclosure complain or foreclosure notice

rie If you already called your lender and didnít qualify for a repayment plan

rie If you lost your job or have not income at all

rie If you already had a repayment plan before and fail that previous agreement

rie If you already or will file for bankruptcy

rie No matter how bad is your credit  

Iíve come a long way, now Iíve written hundreds of 'how to stop foreclosure' articles and reports for more than 1,000 e-zines and Articles Sites, Popular Blogs, Newsletters and Social Networking Sites, and my articles now appear in the first pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN Search Engines.

Iíve been helping homeowners to stay in their homes for a few years now, and for me itís a very gratifying feeling every time I receive an e-mail or a letter from the people who have been able to stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure. Itís really an amazing feeling knowing that Iím making a difference in many people lives.

Yes, the truth is that there are some people out there, like me, that have been able to stay in their homes for a very long time, without making mortgage payments, and you can do it too, read onÖ

This is Top Secret!

This Information Is Not Available Anywhere Else

Pay attention to this: Itís clear that no Counseling Agency, no Lawyer, no Lender, or Real Estate Company; absolutely NOBODY in the housing business will tell you how you can stay in your home without making any mortgage payments.

Homeowners who know how to do this represent no-business for them, or even loss, in the case of the Lenders.

They donít want you to know how you can do this, in fact; theyíll do everything in their power to avoid this to happen.

Theyíre Making Their Money By Working With You When:

checkWhen you have enough income to qualify for an assistance program or you have enough income to pay for services or when you can afford new payment plan arrangements.

checkOr by selling your home when you do not qualify for any kind of help.

checkOr just by foreclosing your property, in case of the lenders, if youíre just broke, unemployed, or just canít afford high mortgage payments anymore.

This is the reason I decided to help many families out there to stay in their homes without making payments, the same way I already helped friends and relatives to do the same thing Iíve done, it is your right!.


Bear With Me For Just A Few Minutes, And You Will Be Able
To Stay In Your Home.

We all know about the big Bailout Bill of Wall Street financial institutions and Obama's new plan to help families to avoid foreclosure and many homeowners wonder if it will include any help for the regular, middle class homeowners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure and have little or not income at all .

The answer is a big NO! Obamaís new plan, just to let you in a little bit; among many other requirements, requires that you have a steady income big enough to afford monthly mortgage payments, Home Insurance, Home Taxes and on top of that, have enough income left to cover the rest of your monthly expenses..

...UNFORTUNATELY, most families facing the possibility of foreclosure do not enjoy that kind of income in the kind of economic downturn that the Country is facing now.

But if youíre facing the possibility of foreclosure, doing nothing, stay in the sidelines and see what happens just wonít do it either. Banks need cash, and with this financial bailout there will be money available for financing, so if youíre having problems to pay your mortgage, your lender will get to the conclusion that theyíll be better off if they foreclose your home and sale it off the market. Donít let that happen.

You need to know what to do, and you need to do it now before itís too late. In fact, thatís precisely what I want you to do, subsequently; fight the interest of those predatory lenders, greedy high corporate executives, and people who have taken advantage of the most precious dream of the American people, which is to own a house, to enrich themselves. This is my main purpose.

You Certainly Can Stay In Your Home Mortgage-Free
Let me explain; as I said, Iíve been able to stay in my house for ALMOST 3 YEARS without paying mortgage payments, but believe me, it wasnít always easy. I did it through trial and error, and I wasted time and money, many times in the wrong places and talking to the wrong people. 

Wouldnít it be fantastic, If some one summarized everything that you need to do to stay in your house maybe more than a year, and give it to you in a very simple and straight to the point way? I wish somebody had offered me the information Iím offering here when I first saw the possibility of loosing my home, having absolutely not idea about what to do.

Fortunately for you, Iíve put together everything I learned in a package, so you donít have to go through everything I went through, and still have the same results I've had.

One thing I want to mention;  Iím not a writer, so donít look for perfection in my writing; there will be some grammar and spelling mistakes, but the idea here is that you understand what Iím trying to say in my own words.

These Are Some Of The e-mails I Have Received From Homeowners That Have Used The information In The e-book To Stay In Their Homes

I've only read a few pages of one chapter and called my Lender which rejected me twice before and I'm amazed at how I got approved for a repayment plan. I've had the foreclosure notice for a week and I thought my situation was helpless. The information in your book is simply amazing, and I must mention that I was disqualified for every Housing Agency I talked to because they said our income was too low to afford the payments. The technique you use itís so simple though incredible effective. Iíll be forever grateful, whatever happens in the future, because just the fact that I was almost foreclosed and now I have a fresh star is worth a thousand times the small price I paid for the e-book. Thank you man!

Thanks again,
Sean P, Florida

Thanks for your support, the information in the e-book is terrific, but I probably couldnít do it on my own. The truth is I that I froze myself when I was rejected the first time, and I thought it wasnít worth it to keep trying. After I talked to a lawyer and realize I couldnít afford an attorney either was when I really lost hope. Thank you for keeping me in my house. And I think youíre just giving your book away at that price.

Frank Rodriguez, Florida

Hey Alfred, I needed to drop you a line. My wife and I are static, this is fantastic! There no words that can express how we feel at this moment. We were desperate, we couldnít pay the mortgage for 4 month, and the bank sent us a letter explaining that they were ready to file for foreclosure. We called, and when I said that my wife was laid off a few months ago they practically hung up the phone on us, we were mad, and embarrassed at the same time, because before that we always paid our mortgage on time, and now that weíre going through a hardship they do this to us. We were going crazy cause the truth is that right now we canít even afford to rent. You just saved our life. My wife was jumping all over the house when we got approved for a new repayment plan. Thanks sooooooo much. Itís good there are people like you out there.

Brianna and Ken, California

I just wanted to give you my thanks. My bank filed foreclosure four months ago in my house, and I still here thanks to you. So far you have saved me 4 thousand. Two bedroom apartment itís about one thousand a month in my area. What we paid for your book is absolutely nothing compared to the kind of money weíre saving just by staying in the house.

Josephine M., Pennsylvania

Your book is unbelievable fantastic. I was approved for a repayment plan 2 months ago. Now Iím sure Iíll be in this house for a long time. This is just great.

Teddy F., Texas.



You Will Stay In Your Home Without Making Payments

If youíre in the middle of foreclosure, maybe you already tried in vain to get help, or perhaps you already called your lender and just didnít qualify for a refinance plan, or youíre possibly plain broke, lost your job, or as the cost of living has gone too high, you concluded that you could not afford monthly mortgage payments or house expenses anymore or get help under any foreclosure assistance program.

In many cases as the house prices have came down so much and so fast that some homeowners have just decided that is not worth it to save their homes, and they just let them go to foreclosure.

Whatever situation youíre into, or whatever problem youíre facing, there are ways to stay in your home for over 3 years without paying mortgage payments or any expenses of any kind, itís just that nobody will tell you how to do this. This is where I come in. I will tell!

How To Avoid Foreclosure e-Book

I Talk to You in a Very Simple Street Speaking Way Easy to Understand (Some spelling and grammar mistakes will be included) .

I Go to the Point Without Wasting Your Precious Time In Stuff That is not Important to You.

Itís all about substance, not about filling pages in the e-book. Everything I say is important and relevant, and most of all the plain and simple truth.

Iím not with any Counseling agency, Lawyer Office, Lenders, Government Agency or Real Estate Company; However, I use some of the people associated with several of these institutions and Lawyer offices, in order to constantly learn valuable information I can later pass along to you in reports and newsletters.

Myself and the people who are working with me now, are just regular, common people that as you did, got caught up in the middle of this mortgage crisis. But we have been able to find ways to stay in our homes for a very long time.

Don't Stop Reading You Need to Know Some Critical Facts

This may sounds too good to be true! And thatís why itís sometimes hard to believe that it can be done. This is not a scheme. You should be aware of certain schemes! Iíll tell you how to identify them.

Remember, Iím not even offering to work with you. Iíll answer your questions and give you support if you want, but youíll be able to do it yourself once you know what to do.

Iíll go even further; if you think you can still afford a realistic mortgage payment plan, Iíll tell you where to find help under Obama's Plan, how to talk to your lender, and where you can find real government-approved counseling agencies and legal help.

This could be possible, if your case itís perhaps, that you have a variable interest mortgage rate, or have a sub-prime loan and it just adjusted to the new higher rate and you just canít afford your new mortgage payments, but you still could afford your old payments, or new reduced refinanced mortgage payments as well as your home insurance and taxes.


Key Statement

If You Already Talked To Your Lender And/Or Help Agencies And Didnít Qualify For Any Help Or Assistance Program To Save Your Home, And Now You Think That Foreclosure Is Near And Imminent, Youíre Wrong!
  I Assure You; You Still Could Stay In Your House.bigsmile

It doesnít matter in which phase of the foreclosure process youíre in, Iím going to tell you how you can stay in your home even if you are completely broke and have no hope at all.

You will learn how to avoid foreclosure by using the law in your favor to delay the foreclosure process for years. You will know many 'how to stop foreclosure' strategies that you can effectively use over and over again to stay in your home PAYMENTS FREE!

If you ask yourself: Whoís best to tell you how to do something? Someone who was told how to do it by someone else?  Someone who saw it happened? Or someone who had lived through the experience? We both know the answer.

Everywhere you hear: ďTalk to your Lender, they donít want your house, theyíll work with youĒ. But this is easier said than done! If you donít know the kind of questions theyíre going to ask you, the kind of answers theyíre looking for, and the kind of help, if any, they can offer you, most of the time, believe me, youíll end up with a very negative and discouraging outcome.

This happened to me many times over, I've been there; but if you know what youíll face when you decide to talk to your Lender, your chances of success will improve dramatically.

Once you read the information on my e-book, youíll know everything youíre going to face when you talk to your Lender; because Iíve done it many times already. Youíll know what to do thereafter, and the different alternatives you have.

Dear Mr. Sant,

My Name is Lindsey and I purchased your book about two months ago, since then I have been able to stay in my home and it looks like I will be staying for a while. I feel grateful to you because without the information and knowledge I gained from the material in your book I would have been out of my home by now. I was really in a critical situation having lost my job and been behind on my mortgage payments, I really thought I had no way out and I was going to end up homeless. Thanks to you I am still in my home, I found a new job and I am starting to save some money now that I am not making any monthly payments at all. I just thought I should let you know. Thanks again!
Lindsey Schwartz, Washington

My friend, your book has been a life saver! Thanks, I was skeptical at first but things worked out the way you explained in your book. I sure was lucky to come across your article when I did, I really felt it was the end for me, thanks God I got your information just in time. I will definitely recommend it to anyone facing foreclosure; the information is up to date and accurate. Yes, I did my homework, unfortunately wasted my time going to seminars and lawyers and always ended up right where I started. The content of the book was easy to read and practical I was able to solve my main issues on the same day following your advice and now I am seeing the results. Thank you so much.

Randy Lewis, Las Vegas 


Save Thousands, Save Time And Save Money

Iíll Be Direct And Straight To The Point, And Show How
 Things Work, So Youíll Save Money, Time, Embarrassments
And The Best Of All, Youíll Be Able To Stay In Your
For A Very Long Time Even Without Paying
Mortgage Payments.

Youíll save many thousands of dollars by staying in your house for free instead of letting your bank simply throws you out of your home. Youíll learn how to do this. Iím pretty confident that you can do it. Iím still doing it!

It is true, that if you want to save your home and you can financially afford it, have enough income to qualify for some assistance plans, you will find help, and even your lender will be willing to work with you.

But, on the other hand, if you just canít afford your mortgage payments anymore, or decided that it is just not worth to save your home, and that all you want is to stay in your home for as long as possible without paying mortgage payments; youíre on your own.

Maybe all you want now is to stay in your house for a while to save a few thousand dollars, or to get some time until you find another place to live, or to find a new job, or to put a business to work. If this is the case, my friend, nobody will even talk to you, let alone work with you. Try it, and youíll see.

This Info Is Time Sensitive! You Must Act Soon!

IíM NOT FOOL!   I knew that the same way this information found its way to you, some people and institutions that donít want this information out there would start pressing me to stop, boycotting, and even would try to sue me. Now itís a fact. But be let me be clear; I wonít be intimidated!

Iíve seen other similar programs out there selling for around $500.00 and even up to a $1,000.00 (Iíve bought some in order to continue educating myself) and the true is; that If Iíd sell the information contained in this e-book for what is really worth, Iíd be charging hundreds of dollars, and itíd still be a fantastic deal.

Most of the families, unfortunately, donít qualify for any of what they call "Help Programs", that is why we seeing millions of families losing their homes every day.

Think about this for a moment; if you tried all options available to you, and after all, you finally understand that you canít save your home because you donít qualify for any program, let's say you discover there are things you can do to manage to stay in your house for many, many months, wouldnít you do it?

No only will you save a lot of money, but think for a minute; Your financial situation and your income may improve over time, and later you could afford mortgage payments and qualify for some assistance programs, well if by that time youíre still in your house, you still could save it.

I've Seen So Many families Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure

I wrote this e-book and started doing some direct mail marketing many years ago when Iíd been living in my home for over a year ďRENT FREEĒ. I saw so many families being thrown out of their homes that I decided to find a way to help other people to stay in their houses like Iíve been doing it, before they get foreclosure.

Key Statement

When You Learn The Information The Lenders, Banks, Lawyers, And Even Some Counseling Agencies Donít Want You To Know, Youíll Be Able To Keep Your Home, In Many Cases, Way Over 3 Years Without Making Any Payments.

But They Don't Want You To Know Thisfrown

I just updated the e-book itself with new insides and new information as I gain more knowledge, more experience and more expertise in the arena. Remember, by now Iíve been able to find ways to stay in my house, rent free, for almost 3 years and countingÖ

I assure you; you can do it too, even if youíve already decided to move out, just by keep fighting your home the way I've done it, you can make many thousands of dollars by renting the property month to month.

Just do the math; if you rent the house very cheap, a few hundreds under the renting market in your area, so you could find tenants fast, letís say about $1,000.00 a month, just to set a number, and you can keep the house for 15 months; that means that youíd make $15,000.00 without any effort from your part, and still have over a month to give notice to your tenants when foreclosure is finally imminent. Iíll tell you how youíll know this.

I could be by your side all along the way, but believe me, you wonít need me, when you see how itís done, youíll be able to do it all by yourself.

In This e-Book I'll Tell You How I Have Been Able To Stay In My Home For Years Without Paying Monthly Mortgage Payments, And Once You Read It You Will Be Able To Do It Too.

How To Stop Foreclosure e-Book

Since the main purpose of this e-book is to help you fight those vicious, predatory lenders that have taken advantage from people like you and me, I decided to pass this information along for the modest investment of just $39.00. And I already sold many hundreds of copy at this price.

Now wait because I'm not done here; let's suppose that you are no soooo upside down in your situation and that in that in your specific case make sense to refinance or modify your existing loan; well then I'll give you my brand new previously UN-released DIY LOAN MODIFICATION KIT.

In this package Iím including everything you'll ever need to to get ready and put together a great Loan Modification Proposal, which will drastically increase your chances to get noticed and to get approved for a Loan Modification Application.

This will be very handy too, if at any point of the Foreclosure Process your financial situation improve and you decide it is worth it for you to refinance or modify your loan and keep your home for good!

As you know if you are in a big hole, and so upside down that it is ridiculous to try to refinance, I will always tell you that just try to stay in your home for a few years without making any mortgage monthly payments, but in many cases it is still worth it to to get better mortgage terms, much affordable monthly payment system and just keep your home.

For those cases is this DIY Loan Modification kit.

Why Would You Pay Thousands if You Can Do It Yourself

How To Stop Foreclosure Modification Kit

Advantages of My Loan Modification Kit:

rieHundreds of loans have been modified using this system
rieVery easy for anyone to understand and utilize its contents
rieYou can lower your monthly payments and save your house
rieThis program is proven to work Countrywide
rieThis is not just bait to later sell you on an expensive modification, all you need is inside
rieYou don't need to have any real estate professional knowledge to get great results
rieYou can apply and get a loan modification at any point of your foreclosure process

Loan Modification Rules and Guidelines are changing rapidly. I continually update my book and as a valued customer I will always send you the latest version of the e-Book and the DIY Loan Modification kit at no additional cost.

Banks/Lenders modify their loans differently, producing a wide array of results. In order to negotiate the best possible modification terms with your specific lender, you need to know how they work. Inside the DIY Loan Modification Kit you will find all you need to be well armed when the time to fight for your home comes.

And here are the best news of all!  Just for a few days, since we're still facing a big economic crisis, the recession shadows are still on us, and a really want to help as many people as I can, Iíll let you have this valuable information for the outrageously low price of just $7.00.

Have no doubt that this opportunity wonít be available for long. Rest assured, this will be the best $7.00 investment youíll ever make in your entire life.

Itís imperative that you ensure the possession of the information contained in this e-book immediately, because it may not be accessible for long, or maybe Iíd have to double or triple the price Ií m offering right now, in order to afford the price of keeping this information available.

I only do business through 2CheckOut & PayPal. Since 2CheckOut and PayPal are the most trusted merchants in the entire word you can buy with confidence. You donít need to have an account to use Paypal; you can use any debit or credit card. Your information is 100% secure. I wonít have access to your payment information; youíll be redirect to a 24 bit Secure Page to process the transaction.

Download Now

Itís Critical That You Donít Let This Opportunity Pass You By.

Believe me, you have absolutely nothing to lose, on the contrary you could save or make thousands of dollars just by conserving your property for a long time. Additionally youíll be able to help your friends and families that are in the same situation that you are right now.
You can't afford not to know this information.

Money Back Guaranteed!

Iím so confident that once you see how Iíve done it, along with my friends, relatives, and many homeowners I helped so far, youíll be able to do it as well, that I will give you 4 full weeks to read and put to practice everything you learn in this e-book.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied I will refund the total price you paid for this e-book.

I donít want anything from you; other than you get a thousand times the modest amount you invest in getting this information. That's my ironclad guarantee!

Money Back, Guarantee



Act NOW! before you have to pay a lot more! This shockingly low price is just temporaly and you can be absolutely sure Iím going to raise it.


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I have been able to avoid foreclosure stay in my house for more than two years now without making any monthly mortgage payments, and the knowledge I have didnít come from academic studies or the countless Mortgage seminars Iíve gone to. Yes, I have two out of Country Degrees in The Faculty Of Social and Economic Science; one is a Bachelor Degree in Social and Economic Science with focus in Business Administration, and the other is a Associate Degree in Social and economic science with focus in Accounting. But the reality is that all I know now about foreclosure and how to prevent it came from living the experience day by day. And have no doubt, I keep myself updated. I have been in many hud an fha seminars, and everybody who knows about me, know that to study and investigate about foreclosure in order to help other people to stop foreclosure, itís for me now a full time job. Iím always online searching for new information to help homeowners to save their homes, and stay mortgage free for a very long time. I also have 3 big screen TVs in my office; tune to the 3 major news networks all day long in order to continually learn whatever is going on in the housing market.

If you ever wonder; what successful, powerful people have over you? Well, most of the time itís only information. Information that they know and you donít, that simple! Thatís the advantage. The power of information itís limitless. Abilities and talents follow information. If you have the knowledge and all the information you need to play a piano, sooner or later youíll be able to do it. Ability will come with practice.  My point is; once you have the information about how to do something that other folks are doing, eventually youíll be able to do it too. The same apply to countless cases, including foreclosure, once you know how to fight it; youíll be able to do it over and over, effortlessly.

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To Stop Foreclosure - Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan - It's Not a Success

President Obama's Federal Loan Modification Plan proposes to help homeowners afford their monthly mortgage payments and to stop foreclosure by either modifying the terms of the mortgage loan or refinancing the entire mortgage. Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan is not only intended to help homeowners in default and subject to possible foreclosure but also those that are not currently in default but whose circumstances qualify for an assessment evaluation that they are at risk of defaulting on the mortgage payments.  

Under the Plan, however, the bulk of the funds will be provided to investors and lenders that will be provided certain incentives to help homeowners to stop foreclosure, but still not forced to participate in the Plan. 

Currently under the United States Bankruptcy Laws, homeowners cannot modify second mortgage real estate loans secured by their homes. The Modification Plan proposes an amendment to the Bankruptcy Code allowing the Court to modify the terms of the mortgage based on the value of the property and the borrower's ability to pay, that way helping more homeowners to stop foreclosure.

As I said before; Investors and Lenders are provided large incentives to participate but not forced to participate in President Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan. As a result, because of concerns of re-default and the fact that they cannot receive the cash incentives until the modified loan payments have been made for at least three months many investors and lenders have not gone forward with modifications to stop foreclosure and help homeowners. 

Under Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan, a borrower can qualify to refinance the loan and lessen the payments if they owe more than 80% of the value of their homes. Normally a bank will not approve a refinance when there is less than 20% equity in the home as measured against the mortgages and liens on the property. 

In addition to all the above, the Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan will assist, as well, those borrowers who are not in default of payment and whose loans are either held or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

Although there are some exceptions for certain locations, Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan generally places a cap on the refinanced mortgage of 105% of the home value. If the home is worth 100 thousand of the refinanced loan, including costs and expenses cannot exceed 105 thousand. Because home values have plummeted around the country, many potential borrower loans would greatly exceed that percentage and sadly, they do not qualify for refinancing and they will not be able to stop foreclosure.

Under the current Plan there is no forgiveness of the loan balance on a refinance, however, interest rates will be reduced so that the payments are no more than 38 percent of a mortgage's gross monthly income. The government would then provide the cash incentive which would reduce the payments to no more than 31 percent of the family gross monthly income

Each lender would determine whether the cost of the foreclosure would be greater than the cost of a modification. Where the cost of foreclosure is less, the loan would not qualify to and the lender is not forced to modify. Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan also contains a financial hardship-counseling component for those borrowers who need help because of debt in addition to the mortgages. Those borrowers who have total debt equal to 55% or greater of their monthly income are required to enter into a debt-counseling program before qualifying for a loan modification.

Because home values have fallen so dramatically around the country, Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan simply does not apply to over an estimated 15 million homeowners whose mortgage loans far exceed the current home value. Because the homeowner still needs to qualify for a refinance or modification even at lower rates, those families facing default due to lack of sufficient income from unemployment or illness will not be able to stop foreclosure under the Plan.

Even if you don't qualify for the Obama Federal Loan Modification Plan you may still be able to stop foreclosure for a very long period of time in most cases over 2 years and a half, even without paying any mortgage monthly payments. This could get you the time you need to get back in your feet and qualify for a loan modification program.

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How to Stop Foreclosure
What If Obama's Affordable Refinance Program Can't Help You?

Lately I have been getting bombarded by my e-newsletter readers with many different questions about the Obama's Affordable Refinance program. They basically want to know details regarding the requirements necessary in order to be considered for this plan; people want to know how to stop foreclosure through this program.

It have been a couple of months now since the Obama's Affordable Refinance program started to moving along, and unfortunately, most of the homeowners that really need help the most do not even know what to do or where to go for a preliminary evaluation to be consider for help.

This alone is unfortunate for families trying to find out how to stop foreclosure, letting alone the fact that when the people who really need the help finally find out what to do or how to proceed they find dozens of burdens in their way, and we have not even mentioned the many requisites you will need to comply with in order to qualify.

Just to name a few; you need to know that for your application just to be consider for the Obama's Affordable Refinance program, your possible new refinance loan including costs and expenses may not exceed 105% of the actual value of the property. These alone will exclude most of the places cities and states that have been hurt the most.

As result of just this small requirements millions of families have been exclude already, even before the attempt to submit an application. On the other hand, the new mortgage payments should not exceed 31% of the homeowner's income; for families with low household income, or families where someone have lost their job will not qualify under Obama's Affordable Refinance program and  foreclosure, sadly will be unavoidable.

If you have more than one mortgage loan in your property you will not qualify under this plan, excluding this way millions of people who bought their homes in the last couple of years of the Real Estate surge. If you have been declared in bankruptcy you will not be consider eligible for the Obama's Affordable Refinance program either.

The monthly obligations should not be more that 38% of homeowner's income to qualify. Just think about this for a moment. With the economic and financial crisis that we are facing right now in the country, I think it would be very conservative to say that families' monthly obligations are currently about 100% or more if you include food and fuel.

So, even though we have to admit that Obama's Affordable Refinance program will benefit a large number of home owners, everybody now agrees that most of the people who are in deep the most will not see any kind of relief under this new plan, unfortunately.

On top of that most of the money will go straight to the banks as incentive to work with homeowners, but as the participation of banks and lenders is voluntary under Obama's Affordable Refinance program, the will not work with you unless the cost of foreclosure is bigger than the cost of refinancing your loan, even if you qualify and fulfill all the requirements.

These are some of the reasons that thousands of homeowners are still being foreclosed and thrown out of their homes everyday. So, how to stop foreclosure under this circumstances? First, foreclosure is a process and there are ways for you to delay that process and stay in your home for a few years if you do not qualify for these programs, even if you have not income at all.

Most of the people do not know there are many things they can do in order to fight foreclosure and keep their homes for a very long time, learning these strategies is how to stop foreclosure.

It is important to stay in your home, not only because you will be saving many thousands dollars but because if you can delay foreclosure, you still will have the opportunity to qualify for help in the future if your financial situation improves after a while.

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Foreclosure Assistance? Waiting For Help?
The Facts Finally Exposed - Shocking Details

Foreclosures continue to rise at record breaking numbers, but there is still no converse of foreclosure assistance for homeowners. Homeowners are left to avoid the pitfalls of foreclosure on their own. I will discuss some tips to help you avoid foreclosure, but first lets look at what is really going on.

The line for bailout money is long and includes Insurance companies, state and local governments and the latest addition is real estate developers. With millions of homeowners concerned with avoiding foreclosure, you would think that a plan would be in place to start helping them. No foreclosure assistance plan has yet to be created or implemented.

The government is handing out your money with no or little plan for repayment and muddy rules to monitor how the money is spent.

The root of this entire economic meltdown is most likely found in the housing market. With the record breaking rise in property values and loose lending practices of many institutions, a perfect storm was created that was really the first domino to fall. At this point, we are just treating the symptoms to try and stop the hemorrhaging, but the initial wound is still there and growing.

When the Associated Press started investigating where the money had gone, they began with the banks that had received money from the initial seven hundred billion dollar bailout package. Not a single one was willing to comment on how they had spent or invested that money. There is no evidence that any of those banks has created a plan or program to provide foreclosure assistance to troubled customers.

I believe that had the government used that money to offer foreclosure assistance in the form of purchasing the troubled mortgages from the banks then offering those homeowners the opportunity to refinance at a very low interest rate, the problem would have been under control before it even had the chance to send us down this uncontrolled spiral.

This would have solved two problems at once. It would have provided the banks with liquid cash and resolved the mortgage and housing crisis at the same time. The government decided to put their faith and our money in the hands of big companies rather than the American families. Millions more have since lost their homes and more struggle to avoid foreclosure.

The economy continues to worsen and as the end of the year, numbers start to roll in they indicate the problem is not solved. For the month of November existing home sales fell 8.6% while the GDP fell 0.5% for the last quarter.

The only foreclosure assistance programs that the government has tried to put in place have helped less than 1% of those facing foreclosure. The requirements to qualify and participate are so stringent the program automatically limits those it can help before anyone even applies.

If you are facing foreclosure and looking for foreclosure assistance there are options available to you. You can stay in your home for over 24 months without making any monthly mortgage payments.

The banks certainly are not going to share this information with you though. There are strategies to delay the process and it is possible to avoid high priced lawyers and handle the situation all by yourself. The key is, knowing what to do and have a plan of action.

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